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Gus is a truly amazing golden. He is a gentle soul who loves everyone and is loved by everyone. He is simply stunning. His structure is amazing.

Gus comes from a show line and has a pedigree that is in very high demand. His popular lineage is not only famous but also award winning. 

Max is a second generation of our golden retrievers. He is from Henry and Daisy's litter. 
Max is a sweet boy. He loves to play and visit the beach as often as possible and chase tennis balls. Just like his dad they both love water.



Tucker is a wonderful, gentle golden boy. He is a gentle soul who lives for play and belly rubs from his favorite people, the children.  

He is as gorgeous as he is loving. He has actually won national puppy shows for structure and conformation.

Tucker is Gus's brother. He has the same amazing pedigree.



Hudson is a wonder family guy. He loves his boys, my grandsons, most of all. He loves ear rubs and playing in the yard with his family. He is a big love bug.

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