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My experience purchasing a goldendoodle puppy from Traci could not have gone smoother. From my questions before purchase to the day I picked up Dudley, Traci was extremely responsive. I was and continue to be impressed by what a great breeder Traci is. It is very apparent the puppies receive a lot of love and great care. I have recommended Holly Hill Kennels to several friends and family members. Personally, I would not hesitate to purchase a future puppy from Traci. As a side note, when I told my vet the parents of Dudley had been tested both for genetic abnormalities and hips and elbows her comment was “You got a good breeder”!

     ~ Susan Drummond Finch

* * * * 

Holly Hill Goldens. What can i say they are AMAZING!! We got our girl Willow from them in the summer time, It was a Father’s Day present to my hubby. We fell in love INSTANTLY! They worked with us because we live in Virginia and they offered to meet us half way to give us our Willow girl. That relieved us of having to spend a whole day on the road. Willow is the sweetest and most lovable Golden. She has been so easy to train and became a major part of our family early on with how much she loved our children and how much our children loved her. Furthermore, if we had any issues we would contact Holly Hill to ask question on recommendations and they have made our lives so much easier with our baby. I wouldn’t go anywhere else to get a golden as this is the best breeding program you’ll find.

                  ~ Alissa Kester

* * * *

I’ve had my Layla (aka Sina) for a little over 2 weeks now. I’ve been working with and talking with Traci for a long time now, and I was finally able to get one of her puppies. Layla is a sweet girl, and my family and I have had absolutely zero issues with her. She’s intelligent, and knows what she wants. Traci does an amazing and admirable job with her dogs and puppies, and if I could rate her 100,000,000,000 stars I’d do it. I’m beyond appreciative for not only Layla and her perfection, but Traci and her hard work and constant determination to get the best possible puppies and dogs. I will definitely be getting my future puppies from Holly Hill Goldens. I 1,000/10 recommend!! Thank you so much for everything, Traci!

                     ~ Gillian Webb

* * * *


While visiting Holly Hill Goldens kennel I was very pleased with how well the puppies were taken care and how happy they were. Traci was wonderful and answered all of my questions with ease. Highly recommend them if you’re looking for a top class golden retriever, poodle, or goldendoodle!

   ~ Natasha Morgan

* * * *


Traci Passmore is a fantastic, caring, loving breeder who snuggles and interacts with her puppies so they are the SWEETEST ever! We got our standard poodle Beau in June, 2019, and now in October, he is so smart and easy to train but playful, active and healthy like any puppy! He even swims!! He melts our hearts and is beautiful!!

  ~Myra Stegall

* * * *

Scott and I just picked up our baby Sadie this past weekend - and she couldn’t be more perfect! Traci does an amazing job getting her puppies ready to go home. She’s very professional and even went out of her way to accommodate us. We couldn’t be happier with our puppy, and I’d recommend anyone to her!!

   ~ Shannon Sapourn

Love that the pups are part of their family, stay in doors and get lots of cuddles. We picked up ours a few days ago and have been in love ever since. Thanks for everything!

   ~ Andy Beaulieu 


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* * * *

By far one of the best Breeders I’ve meet and me and Orlando are overwhelmed with the lovable huskydoodle that we got from these guys they’re amazing I highly recommend them!!!!

   ~ Bruce Allen Scott 

* * * *

Very communicative and quick responses. Super friendly and sweet! Can’t wait to meet our baby girl ❤️

   ~ Robyn Gail

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